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Physical Therapy in Charleston, WV


Physical Therapy Clinic in West Virginia 


Our licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists are educated and certified in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, a mechanical approach.

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Learn What We Do

Most of us think of physical therapy as hot and cold packs, a few exercises, and maybe some pain. At Charleston Physical Therapy Specialists, our physical therapists and occupational therapists are different.

Instead of using strictly passive modalities, we treat our patients through Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. You must be evaluated from a mechanical perspective to allow us to fully understand your concern.
The more completely we understand your symptoms, movements, and limitations, the more effectively we can help you help yourself. Our certified PTs and OTs will know after their patient's initial assessment if and how the patient is a candidate for physical therapy.

  • Three Steps to Success

    1. Assessment - a thorough history and testing of movements.

    2. Treatment - individualized exercises based on the patient's response to the assessment.

    ​3. Preventive Strategy - gain hands-on knowledge to prevent future recurrence.

  • Achievable Goals

    ● Abolish pain and deformity.

    ● Maintain the reduction with education and a long-term plan.

    ● Restore full function.

    ● Prevent recurrences.

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We Help Patients With

● Arthritis● Back and Neck Pain​​● Bursitis​● Fibromyalgia● Hand, Shoulder, Arm Pain● Muscular Diseases● Rotator Cuff Injuries● Rehabilitation Pre-op● Rehabilitation Post-op● Spasticity● Sprains, Strains● Scoliosis● Tendonitis● Gait Training● WORC Conditioning Hardening

We are different and this is why!

● More effective evaluation and treatment for greater results!● First visit is a one-hour evaluation.● You see the same therapist every visit.● We educate:
- About the pain/pathology.
- How to prevent recurrences.

● We are registered and qualified with the McKenzie Institute International, located in Wellington, New Zealand. Our qualifications are evaluated on an annual basis and we must apply annually.● Hugh Murray is a Diplomate in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. He completed the McKenzie Institute Residency in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1991.

● Bobbi Jo Chapman, OT, is Certified in Hand Therapy and McKenzie Certified.● Thomas Chrisley, PT, DPT, is the most recent addition to our staff (McKenzie Certified pending).● The entire Clinical Staff is registered and in good standing with the McKenzie Institute United States. (To be in good standing, CEUs must be completed every three years. We exceed this standard every year.)


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They seem to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of your injury, pain and recovery.

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