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Our licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists are educated and certified in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, a mechanical approach. That means you will be moved during your exam and treatment. We don't want you to just lie there!

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Movement-based therapy Charleston WV

Effective pain relief with MDT

Key Points 

● The majority of people, more than 65%*, have a specific movement that will rapidly resolve their symptoms.● Unfortunately, most of the time, chemicals/medications do not effectively improve mechanical pain other than some temporary relief.● Our Therapists will evaluate your posture and movement to determine the most appropriate and therapeutic movement.● According to research in the MDT Method, the majority of patients will resolve within 4-6 visits.

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Therapeutic movement evaluation

Mechanical Examination

● It usually takes one to three visits to determine the most appropriate therapeutic movement.● Once the therapeutic movement has been determined, more than 85% of patients will fully resolve.● Patients will learn what to do to help prevent further recurrences.● If pain is experienced in the future, the patient will know how to effectively manage it.

McKenzie Certified Clinic

Certified McKenzie Method therapists

It sounds easy, doesn't it?

It IS easy!We are here to educate you about your condition, how to manage it now, and how to prevent future recurrence.*based on clinical findings using the McKenzie MethodTHE McKENZIE INSTITUTE, USA website

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